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2102 – Residential VoIP Access Device

The Mediatrix 2102 is a high-quality and cost-efficient VoIP gateway.

The Mediatrix 2102 can be deployed as a residential IP telephony access device, enabling service providers to cost-effectively deliver VoIP services to their subscriber base. The Mediatrix 2102 connects up to two analog phones and/or faxes, as well as a PC, to a service provider’s network over a single broadband connection.

Through a 10/100 BaseT EthernetWAN interface, the Mediatrix 2102 connects analog terminals and a PC directly to a broadband modem without the need for an external router, and with only a single IP address provided by the service provider. With an embedded PPPoE client and its innovative IP technology, the Mediatrix 2102 and the PC connected to the second Ethernet port have the same public IP address, without private IP addresses or any address translation necessary.

IP connectivity for analog phones and faxes
PSTN-quality voice over IP networks
Deployable in SIP VoIP networks
Automatic firmware and configuration updates
TFTP or HTTP auto-provisioning
User-friendly web interface
Additional Ethernet port for PC or LAN connection
PPPoE client
Transparent IP address sharing
Priority of voice over data
Interoperable with equipment from leading industry vendors
Fax over IP support, including T.38
Multiple codec support
Supports: Caller ID, Call Waiting, Caller ID on Call Waiting, Call on Hold, Call Forward, Call Forward on Busy or on No Answer, Call Transfer with or without Consultation, 3-Way Conferencing, Call Transfer with 3-Way Conferencing Consultation, Out-of-Band DTMF, Dynamic De-Jitter Buffer Manager, Voice Activity Detection.
Silence detection / suppression and Comfort Noise Generation level software adjustable