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Conference Call

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The simplest form of conference is a conference in 3, where one participant calls two different recipients, and then connects with both simultaneously.

Most companies choose to use conference call services instead of expensive solutions that require purchasing and maintaining internal conference systems.

New technologies increase productivity, reduce transportation costs and improve communication and efficiency within the company.

Iristel, as a leader of new technologies in the telecommunication industry, has created a conference service available to users in Romania, which is easy to use at a minimal cost.

The offer for organizing a conference includes:

  • Account setup fee of 50 Euro, payable only once upon service activation.
  • Price per session of 30 Euro.

A “session” is considered a conference call of maximum 6 hours, with a maximum number of participants of 10.

No prior settings or additional equipment is required; the account will be configured virtually in Iristel’s systems.

A prior notice of 24 hours is required before a conference session could be activated. You will receive an access number in the 022-893xxx range, and a password that participants must use to connect into the conference.

Contact us for details and you will receive the ideal service of:

  • Weekly/monthly scheduled recurring discussions
  • Training Sessions
  • Briefing and debriefing sessions for on-field teams
  • Transmitting instructions in real time to all recipients at the same time