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In the current telephone system, calls are transported on systems referred to as circuit-switched technology. This establishes a “permanent” connection between the caller and the receiver for the duration of the call.

The limitations of this technology are that it requires significant bandwidth for a call and only certain types of calls can be supported (i.e. phone to phone). Additionally, the hardware needed to run circuit-switched networks is expensive.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a service that provides its subscribers with a “virtual” private VoIP network that runs on top of a shared IP network managed by Iristel.

All subscribers that share the same PBX can call each other seamlessly as though they were talking on a totally private network. The VoIP PBX enables decreased cost on international calls, convenience in international calls, and convergence with other applications and services and provides a cost effective and a feature rich alternative to traditional PBXs.

A traditional PBX/telephone system requires an on-site technician to add/remove lines, perform repairs on the voicemail server or re-arrange a telephone groups. Iristel not only eliminates the need for extensive investments in traditional PBX systems, we can also remove the need for regular PBX maintenance fees through hosting your PBX.

With our hosted PBX service, you will only be responsible for placing Iristel’s IP Phones at each of the required work stations – on-site or off-site. Iristel will manage your company’s IVR and PBX needs, including:

  • Routing calls to the appropriate IP Phone
  • Handling the features associated with each extension on your system
  • Ongoing maintenance and management of your voicemail server

Iristel’s Hosted PBX Solution gives you the possibility to personalize your PBX according to your needs, offering enhanced features, which can be seamlessly managed by accessing an intuitive user interface. It provides businesses with a VoIP business phone solution that includes all the features found in a “corporate” PBX phone system such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Call Transfer.

Features of the PBX

Iristel’s Hosted Solutions will help you save on the initial capital costs of implementing a PBX, as well as the monthly maintenance fees. At the same time, we can improve your telecommunications flexibility by expanding your network to off-site and mobile locations. Iristel’s Remote Office feature will allow you to connect multiple IP phones across multiple locations under one unified network.

With Iristel, calls can be transferred or extension dialed to any IP phone at any location as easily as if the person were sitting in the same office. And all onsite and off-site phones will be behind the same Hosted PBX.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant The Iristel Auto Attendant is an add-on feature to the Hosted PBX and provides enterprises with a powerful and flexible tool to manage inbound calls and deliver them to the intended destination through interactions with the caller.

You can present a more professional image to callers and reduce the need for a full-time receptionist with our Auto Attendant service. Incoming calls to your main number are answered by our fully-customizable Auto Attendant according to your specifications.

Dial by name directories and “0-out to Operator” options are standard. You can have the Auto Attendant feature for 20 Euro/month, and 100 Euro set-up fee (in addition to the Hosted PBX price).

Additionally, you can add extensions to your Hosted PBX, for only 1 Euro per month/ extension and a 15 Euro one time set-up fee/ extension.

Additional Basic Features

Automatic Redial Call Return Call Waiting 3-Way Calling Voice Mail
Simultaneous Ringing Sequential Ringing Call Transfer Caller ID Caller ID Blocking
Call Forward Call Hunting Shared Call Appearance Voice Portal Calling Visual Call Display
Caller ID Alternate Numbers