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Hosted PBX
€30 pe luna
€50 taxa activare
Auto Attendant
€20 pe luna
€100 taxa activare
Each additional extension
€1 pe luna
€15 taxa activare
Auto Attendant

The Iristel Auto Attendant (AA) provides enterprises with a powerful and flexible tool to manage inbound calls and deliver them to the intended destination through interactions with the caller.

This feature supports front-office applications with minimal configuration and customization, with capabilities that include embedded name dialing, extension dialing, and night service capabilities.

The Auto Attendant is an integral part of the Iristel product offering and does not require an external third-party system.

Please consult our Hosted PBX and Auto Attendant datasheet

Brief Overview

The Attendant is used as a central ingress point for incoming calls and dispatches them to the intended destination via the routing capabilities, providing an automated access to the company directory.

The owner will be assigned only a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number for the group, extension numbers for each one of the work stations, and also direct numbers if necessary. Alternately, the company receptionist or any user of the group can retrieve the calls outside the business hours.

How does it work?

Once the caller reaches the phone number associated with the PBX, this feature offers an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Once connected to the Auto Attendant, the caller is played a greeting (default or personalized) providing a menu of options to complete call routing.

The menu, which is configured as per the customer’s choice, provides up to nine options to the caller, including:

One-Key Dialing Operator Dialing Name Dialing
The caller presses a pre-defined DTMF key to reach a particular phone number or extension within the group (“for Sales press 1″). This option is also used to build multi-level IVR menus. The caller presses a pre-defined DTMF key to reach an operator. The caller spells the name of the intended party, using the numerical DTMF keypad. Upon identifying a unique match, the caller is played the name of the called party and is then transferred.
Extension Dialing Immediate Extension Dialing Dial by First Name
The caller enters the extension of the intended party through the numerical DTMF keypad. Upon collecting the full extension, the caller is played the name of the called party, and is then transferred. The customer may elect to allow callers to dial an extension from the first-level menu. When the feature is enabled, the caller, to the Auto Attendant, can dial the desired extension right away on the first level of the Auto Attendant, without having to first navigate to the second-level of the menu. The group administrator may elect to allow name dialing from a combined First Name – Last Name in addition to the current Last Name – First Name list.
Enhanced Business Hour Support/ Holiday Schedule
Customers can define time schedules for their group. Multiple time schedules can be created. Time schedules can be business hours, call center hours, after business hours, and so on. Time schedules created by the group are visible to groups and users. The customer may also define up to 20 holiday schedules that can be associated with an Auto Attendant.

Web Portal Interface

The Auto Attendant uses the multi-location enterprise capabilities of the Broadfone platform to transparently support geographically distributed groups. The Auto Attendant can provide the caller with an audio or video menu, based on the Auto Attendant profile and the capabilities of the calling party’s end point.

The moves, additions, and changes of users in a group are automatically available to the Auto Attendant name dialing and extension dialing functions. The group administrator has the possibility to configure the Auto Attendant features using the Web Portal Interface. The following options are provided online:

Greeting Night Service Access to all users
The group administrator can select the default Auto Attendant greeting or upload a customized greeting that matches the available options. The Auto Attendant feature supports an embedded night service configuration. The group administrator can select normal hours of operation, and configure an entirely different greeting and option menu that are utilized outside of business hours. Access is always available to the administrator; which are the ability to configure features like Voice Mail (uploading greeting, changing the number of rings before greeting), Call Forward (turn on and off the Call Forward components, changing the destination number), Call Waiting, Caller ID Blocking, and viewing the Enhanced Call Logs (placed, received and missed calls, with a certain limit of entries).

Customized menu options

Iristel offers the possibility to create customized menu options by associating keys to specific phone numbers, or by assigning specific actions to the keys entered by the user. The available actions are shown in the following table:

Enable or disable first-level extension dialing Allows callers to enter the extension of the party they want to reach without selecting a menu option first. If you enable this option, the Auto Attendant follows its initial greeting and first-level menu with a prompt: If you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach, dial it now.
Transfer to operator Plays the message: Please stay on the line while your call is transferred to the operator, and then transfers the call to the specified operator number.
Transfer with prompt Plays the message: Your call is being transferred; please hold. Then the call is transferred to the specified number.
Transfer without prompt Transfers the call to the specified number, without playing a transfer prompt..
Name dialing Brings the user into the automated name directory.
Extension dialing Prompts the user to enter the extension, and then proceeds with a transfer.
Repeat menu Replays the Auto Attendant greeting.

You may have the Auto Attendant feature for 20 Euro/month, and 100 Euro set-up fee (in addition to the Hosted PBX price). Additionally, you can add extensions to your Hosted PBX/Auto Attendant, for only 1 Euro per month/ extension and a 15 Euro one time set-up fee/ extension. If you would like an additional Auto Attendant (ex. French AA) added to your Hosted PBX, the price will be 20 Euro/month and 100 Euro set-up fee per additional Auto Attendant.