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X-Lite 3.0 is the new generation of telephone-terminal software, which offers a traditional telephone users all the options, improved by the qualities of a fixed or portable computer. With a simple click you can call, answer or set various options. X-Lite supports a wide range of headphones with microphone to make use of modern telephony pleasant restrictive limits on taking traditional phones.

Standard features of the phone

X-Lite 3.0 phone software has all the features of a standard phone, including:

  • Two lines
  • Display call and message indicator disobeyed
  • Speaker
  • Mute
  • Recall
  • Suspension
  • “Do Not Disturb”
  • Ignore the caller
  • Call history – list of calls received, missed, dialed and blocked
  • Call forwarding
  • Call records
  • Video and audio conference with three participants

Features and Options

X-Lite 3.0 telephone software also supports VoIP features and options as follows:

  • Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol network using SIMPLE
  • List of contacts changed, allowing import / export contacts from / to other applications
  • It also supports Intel ® Centrino ® mobile technology, which allows X-Lite to provide a high quality of service either by technology or wireless networks using standards such as 802.11e.
  • Set “Zero touch” for peripherals audio / video, do not require manual setting their
  • Detection “Zero touch” speed Internet connection available.
  • Cancel acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, voice recognition work.
  • Supports the following audio codecs: Broadvoice-32 Broadvoice-32 FEC, G.711aLaw, G.711uLaw, GSM, iLBC, L16 PCM Wideband.
  • Supports the following video codecs: H.263, H.263, 1998.
  • Automatic selection of codecs depending on the conditions under which the call is made, based on the call and the caller’s capability, available bandwidth when the call, and other network characteristics. X-Lite codecs and change during a call in response to possible changes in the network.
  • Is in compliance with RFC 3261 SIP
  • STUN and ICE NAT crosses, XTunnels for crossing a firewall.
  • Supports DTMF (RFC2833, DTMF SIP INFO messages or tape).



Bria 3 is a carrier-grade next generation softphone application that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently – all from your computer desktop. Replacing or complementing your hard phone, the Bria softphone allows you to make VoIP and Video calls over IP, see when your contacts are available, send Instant Messages and transfer files with ease and efficiency.

Built on SIP and open standards, Bria is proven interoperable with many of the industry’s standard platforms and devices. It now also includes features specifically designed for business and enterprise users and can be deployed within an enterprise environment either by manual configuration via the softphone Graphical User Interface (GUI) or by using a provisioning server.

The latest softphone technology Bria 3 is the first CounterPath softphone based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and .net for Windows, and Cocoa for Mac, the most flexible user interface frameworks currently available. This foundation enables a dynamic interface with new task flows and customization options for an unprecedented user experience.


Bria 3 is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The features listed below are for Windows and Mac only, unless otherwise specified.

New to Bria 3.1:

  • Supports SMS (standard), providing additional messaging capabilities
  • Ability to configure the favorites list, which provides a quick and easy access to preferred methods of communication
  • Ability to configure keyboard shortcuts for faster access to program functions Bria (Windows only)
  • Additional options for managing calls, including caller queuing and others such as conference call or transfer a call.
  • Features that use less bandwidth, with a choice of three levels of performance depending on the ability of the computer to display the image.
  • Built-in Web mode.

Standard Features

Interoperability and configuration

  • Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) based signaling for all interactive media sessions
  • Automatic configuration of audio or video.
  • Support for plug-and-play HID-compliant devices with the option to personalize buttons to control Bria (Windows only)


  • Focused around your address book, Bria’s contact-centric interface gives you more ways to make, receive and manage your calls and IMs
  • Make your desktop space more manageable by rearranging the layout, and resizing and viewing different components of the phone

Call Management

  • Communicate more efficiently with a contact-centric user interface
  • Hide the dial pad when you don’t need it
  • Make voice and video conference calls
  • Record voice and video calls
  • Hide your ID for calls

Contact Management

  • Add a contact during a cal.
  • View combined history for calls and IM attached to contact details

Manage, sort and filter up to 3,000 contacts/strong>