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Mediatrix 4104 (gateway 8 ports)

The Mediatrix 4100 Series include the Mediatrix 4102, 4104, 4108, 4116 and the 4124. The Mediatrix 4100 Series connects up to 24 analog phones and/or faxes to a broadband modem or LAN.

The Mediatrix 4100 Series access devices are high-quality, cost efficient VoIP gateways connecting small to large branch offices and multi-tenant buildings to an IP network, while preserving existing investments in analog telephones and faxes.

The Mediatrix 4100 Series allow Service Providers to deploy rapidly and economically their solutions in medium-size enterprises as well as being the ideal solution for branch office connectivity to larger private networks.

The Mediatrix 4100 Series has the additional benefit of supporting high compression codec’s simultaneously on each analog voice ports, thus saving valuable bandwidth. In addition The Mediatrix 4100 Series offers features such as TLS, SRTP, certificates management, and HTTPS designed to bring enhanced security for the network management, SIP signalling and media transmission aspects.

In addition, an intelligent PSTN bypass allows Mediatrix 4100 users to make emergency calls and maintain their phone service in the event of a power outage or network failure.

The Mediatrix 4100 Series also provides web interface, giving users a convenient access to the unit for initial set-up. The devices can also auto-provision by fetching their encrypted configuration from a TFTP or HTTP server making installation secure and transparent to the end-users. To further facilitate deployments, factory loaded configurations are possible.

Carrier-grade voice quality
Fax over IP support, including T.38
PSTN bypass (emergency calls)
Up to 4 simultaneous calls
Battery Reversal for pay phones
Automatic firmware and configuration file download
SNMP and web management
TFTP or HTTP auto-provisioning
TR-069 for massive deployments (optional feature available at purchase time)
Support for SNMPv3
Encrypted configuration files support
HTTP Digest authentication
Secured SIP signaling and media transmission
QoS features support
DHCP client, STUN Client, 2 Ethernet ports